Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Touch of Cinnamon Christmas

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome artwork of  Alex Prihodko.
The tube is called Kailee
You need a license to use this art work. Please do not use without a license.
 You can find this art at PFD Store  HERE
Supplies Needed
I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
 Scrap Christmas with Cinnamon Smell by Russia/Dutch Heart  HERE
Check out the rest of the blog HERE
MPM Mask 85  HERE
Check out the rest of the blog HERE
Mura Meister Copies-Encircle
Xero-Soft Vignette
Screen Works-Lace Screen

Font of Choice, I used Almademo

Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 50 black
Drop shadow on this one I used V-2 H-2 Blur 15
Use whatever drop shadow you prefer
 *Remember to add your drop shadow as you go along*

Open a new image 800 x 800 or one you prefer.
Resize paper 7 to 23%, paste, apply your mask, delete, merge group.
Resize paper 11 to 23%, apply your mask, delete and merge group.
Adjust the mask so both can be seen.

Paste the frame, resize to 30%, duplicate, free rotate to the left at 45 degrees, move to the bottom.
Apply the filter Screen Works-Lace Screen to both frames.
Take your free hand tool, draw around both frames on the outer part, resize paper 3 to 22%, paste, invert, delete, select none, move below the frames.

Take your magic wand, click inside the top frame, expand by 3, paste your close up tube how you like it, move below the frame, invert, delete, select none.
Duplicate your close up, go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, number on 5, change the blend mode to screen, then apply the Xero filter-Soft Vignette with these settings
Foreground color
Diagonal dots
1, 0, 0, 255
Paste your tube on the left side, resize to 55%.
Resize element 1 to 31%, erase the stem, flip, paste, apply Mura Meisters Copies-Encircle.
Paste the same element again, flip resize to 85%, apply Mura Meisters Copies-Encircle, but change the first number to 14.
Being on the top frame, paste that same element 1 that you resized, paste on the lower right side, free rotate to the right at 90 degrees.

Resize element 17 to 15%, mirror, paste on the flower on the right and below your tube layer.
Resize element 14 to 15%, place on the right below the flower layer.
Resize element 9 to 15%, paste behind your tube on the left, duplicate, move over to the right more.
Resize element 10 to 25%, place behind the angel singing on the right, duplicate, mirror, move down some behind your tube on the left.

Resize element 13 to 30%, paste below the leaf on the left behind the tube.
Resize element 20 to 15%, apply Mura Meister Copies-Encircle with the first number on 14, move below your mask layers, add noise at 100%, use your pick tool to pull out to show more around the edges.
Resize element 4 to 5%, place by the hand of your tube on the left.

Add any other elements you would like, make it your own.

Crop your tag to be sure no stray shadows are on the edges of your tag.
Once happy with it all, close off any backgrounds, merge visible.
Resize first, then add your copyrights and name.
That's it
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut.