Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 2

New Year Time1
new year time 2
new year time 3
This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome artwork of  Lysisange .
You need a license to use this art work. Please do not use without a license.

 You can find this art at PFD Store  HERE
Supplies Needed
I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
Scrap Holiday Dreams by SassyDede  HERE
Check out here blog HERE
Monti Blind Mask (Click on Extras to get mask)   HERE
Mura Meister-Copies
AAA- Foto-Frame
Font akaDora
Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 50 black

New image a size you prefer,  as usual mine is 800 x 800.
Paste paper 6, apply your mask, delete and merge group.
Paste the Clock, resize to 85%.
Take your free hand tool and draw around the orange circle of the clock or go to your preset and select circle, background set at null, line with 2 and draw a circle around the orange part, past your close up tube on one side, invert, delete.
Mirror your tube before pasting again and place a bit lower than the first one, delete and select none, change the opacity on both to about 20 or what you like and merge down with the clock.

Element 03, take your free hand tool, draw around the beads until you have gone completely around them, not getting the larger ornaments, copy and paste on your new tag, flip, you might have to get rid of some shading still first, then resize to 65%, duplicate to use later under your tube, then apply Mura Meister Copies-Encircle, move below the clock layer.

Resize element 3 to 65%, place on the left side.

Resize element 58 to 50% and place off to the right.

Resize your tube to 43% and place on the right below the champagne bottle layer.

Resize element 2 to 50%, place just below the champagne bottle layer and erase the ornaments showing.

Resize element 11 to 40%, flip, place on the right side below your tube layer.

Resize element 18 to 30%, place on the left side by the package.

Select your preset on circle, background set at null, draw a circle around the white circle on the clock, line width at 2, then add a new raster layer, holding your mouse over the circle you drew, making sure the letter A with a little half circle is showing on the bottom and type out what you would like yours to say. I wrote out Happy New Year using akaDora font and color #723620.
Convert to a raster layer, then delete the circle layer you drew.

Apply EyeCandy 4000-Glass with these settings
Bevel 1.67
Smoothness 75
30, 35, 50, 0, 50
Color white
Lightning I used was
Direction 65,  Inclination 76
Highlight Brightness100,  Highlight Size 40
Ripple thickness 0,  Ripple Width 11.16

Now select your wordart, float, defloat, add a new layer, fill with white, move below.
Paste element 13 below the mask layer, resize to 95%, mirror and adjust.
Add any other elements that you would like.

If going to do the Signature tag and Avator then do not merge together just yet.

Signature tag
Open a 600 x 250
Paste paper 6, then crop your tag.
Take the bottom 6 layers of your tag and paste one at a time, resize the greenery to 95%, copy the clock, resize to 90% and move down just a bit.

Paste your original tube and resize if you like, I just resize mine very little and placed on the right side.
Back to your tag, copy the papers below your tube layer and resize to 75% and place below your tube layer on the signature tag.
Back to the tag, copy the gift box and resize to 70%, place on the left side below the tube layer and erase the little holly by the clock hands.
Back to the tag, copy and paste the champagne bottle and resize to 50% and place.
Copy the little kitten and resize to 50% and place on the left in front of the gift box.
Champagne glasses resize to 50%, mirror and place to the right behind your tube layer.
If happy with it all, merge visible and add a frame of choice.
I used AAA Foto Frame, width at 4, Opacity at 35 and used
Transparent Orange from the drop down. You will see default first, click on that and you will get a selection of other colors.
Add your copyright and any saying and name now on this one.
Apply the glass and white background for the saying and name as before.

For Avator, size whatever is allowed in your group or forum.
I used 175 x 200
Paste paper 6, crop your tag, go to your tag, copy the clock, paste and resize to 40%.
Resize the gift box to 40%, place on the left, erase the holly,  resize the champagne bottle to 30% and place more in the center.
Resize the papers layer to 35% and place on the right side below the champagne bottle layer.
Resize the kitten to 35% and place on the left side being on the top layer.
Once happy, merge visible and add the same frame as before.
Add your copyright and name or initial.
Now go back to your original tag and close off any background you used and merge visible.
Resize first, then add your Copyrights and name and that's it.

Hope you enjoyed doing this tut.


  1. OMG thank you so much for using my kit for your TUT... WOW you really made my night.... :)

    1. You are very welcome, it is an AWESOME kit, love it :) Thank you for sharing it with us all

  2. Your the 1st person to use my kit for a tut and I'm so honored... Happy New Year

  3. Thanks for a great tut, I love it dear Shaz , I made you a set, I hope you like it
    here is the avatar
    and the banner :
    and the tag :
    thanks again for the tut
    Happy New Year, Hugs xx