Friday, December 26, 2014

The New Year

 The New Year
This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome artwork of  Di_Halim .
You need a license to use this art work. Please do not use without a license.

 You can find this art at the Scraps N Company  HERE
Supplies Needed
I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
Scrap Happy Holidays by Disturbed Scraps  HERE
You can check out her blog HERE
MC 14 Mask HERE
Be sure to check out her blog  HERE
Filters used
Font Billion Stars
Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 50 black

Open a new image 800 x 800 or a size you prefer.

Paste paper 01 and apply your mask, invert, delete and merge group. Resize your mask later if needed to fit your tag better.

Paste HH048, the piano and move to the left.

Paste your tube and resize as needed, if using the one I am, I resized mine to 45% and place on the right.
Duplicate the tube, go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian blur at 3, change the blend mode to screen or one you prefer, merge down.
Apply the Xero Filter, Clarity.

Paste HH 052 and place below the piano layer and go to Adjust, Hue and Saturation,  colorize and have both on 0.

 Paste HH019 below the piano layer on the right, resize to 95%.

Paste HH051 below the tree layer on the right and move up some, go again to Adjust, Hue and Saturation, colorize with both numbers on 0.

Paste HH 054 and move below the new year ball and colorize the same, duplicate, mirror, move below the clock layer and up some, erase the post showing at the bottom of the piano.

Paste HH 037 on the upper left just above the mask layer and colorize like before with both numbers on 0,  add noise at 35%, duplicate, mirror, duplicate again, move back to the center, below the mask layer and move down some.

Paste HH 044 and take your free hand tool, draw around the red heart and delete, then resize to 45%, place below the tube layer by her shoe.
Resize HH 045 to 55%, place below the glasses. The gift boxes will cover the number 3 on the champagne bottle.
Resize HH 06 to 55% and place to the left of the glasses and below that layer.

Resize HH 027 to 55%, free rotate to the left at 25 degrees and place below the ornament layer and move over to the left a bit.

Paste HH 015 below the tube layer and move to the left over the piano and light post, duplicate, mirror and move up a bit on the tree.

Resize HH 010 to 75%, place on the right below the sparkle layer on the tree, duplicate and move over to the left more and cover the number 3 on the bottle.

Resize HH 042 to 40%, change the color to the same you used before, then place on the left side below the piano layer and hide the last part of the numbers.
Resize HH 031 to 50%, place by the piano leg below the sparkle layer, duplicate the shoe and move back by the first shoe.

Add any other elements that you would like, once happy, close off any background and merge visible.
Resize first, then add your Copyrights and name and that's it.
Hope you enjoyed doing this tut.

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