Friday, February 12, 2016

Irish Girls Rock Forum Set

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome artwork of Arthur Crowe.
You need a license to use this art work. Please do not use without a license.
Tube is called St Patrick Babe
You can find his art at his store HERE
Supplies Needed
I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
Andrew Filters #44-Fabric Wrapper
Mura Meister-Copies
Xero Filter-Radiance
UnPlugged Tools-Interlace

Font Worstveld for name
Oh la la for pixel workart
Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 50 black or
whatever one you prefer

Let's get started
*Remember to add your drop shadow as you go along*

I took an old tut I did and revamped it.

Open a new image, 600 x 250 and fill with color of choice, I used #7eac7d.
Paste your tube and apply Mura Meister-Copies-Wallpaper rotate at default settings.

Apply Andrews Filter #44-Fabric Wrap at default settings.

Then go to Adjust, Blur, Radial Blur with these settings
Twirl, 50, 10 0, 0, 10, Elliptical checked.
Then apply Andrew Filter #44 again, change the blend mode to overlay.
Now apply Unplugged Tools-Interlace with these settings, twice.
5, 20, 1, 0

Take your selection tool and draw out a small rectangle about half way across, add a new raster layer and fill with #56944c, Effects, Edge effects, enhance, select none.

Type out your wording of choice, I typed out Irish Girls Rock, using Oh la la for the wording, set on 10 Pixels and the Bold button pushed in, merge down, duplicate and move one to the left side top and the other to the right side bottom.

Paste your full tube and move below the rectangle layer, duplicate and move to the other side, merge these together, change the blend mode to overlay or one you prefer, apply Mura Meister Copies-*Line, with the 1/n Fade out checked.
Apply xero filter-Radiance.

Paste your medium size tube in the center and adjust to your liking.
Duplicate, gaussian blur at 4, change the blend mode to overlay, merge down, then merge visible and add AAA Frames-Foto frame with these settings
4, 0, 0, 3,
0, 0, 0, 50
Add your copyright and name.

For the Avator
Open a new image 150 x 150 or a size of your choice.
Paste your tag and resize to 70% and place how you like it.
Apply the AAA Frames-Foto frames with same settings as before.
Be sure all copyrights have been added to your tag.
Add your name and that is it

Hope you enjoyed doing this tut.

Here is the original I did back in Feb 23, 2013 using Danny Lee when he was at Scrap and the City.
Now you can find his art at Scraps N Company HERE


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